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All art is best seen in person, especially mine!
If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoy art, I would encourage you to make an appointment and visit my studio/gallery.

Always happy to take a break from whatever I'm working on, and talk story.

My gallery has a number of ongoing and revolving installations including the soon-to-be-famous

red studio wall (exterior and outdoor artworks). Plenty to see and enjoy!
I don't sell prints but I do sell my source files as non-fungible tokens (NFT) (original files and photographs) which are all high resolution and can be used to print giclée to scale.

All Studio Kanunu
NFT have unlockable content (original file used to create art) as part of purchase. The one-of-a-kind token can print my art to canvas at original scale. Dazzle and amaze your friends with beautiful, intriguing, and astounding art!
I have been working on small figurative works lately. An imaginary hula 'auana with a parasol taking center stage.

I created nineteen poses in total; only painted six. Two sold, four left. My prices per sq. in. can be found here.

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Title: Parasol(s) 1- 6
Medium: Acrylic and Oil on
museum grade panel

Size: 10" x 10"
Affordable + tax